Your customers benefit from financial products delivered through a stylish app as well as beautifully designed debit and credit cards with your brand insignia.

You benefit from increased revenue and by outsourcing the whole process – from technology to compliance to program management and customer support.


Agile implementation for quick results


  • Initiation
  • Definition of contracted services
  • Mbanq KYC and compliance check
  • Service level agreement between client and Mbanq

Compliance and Regulatory

  • BSA Policies and Procedures
  • Due diligence and risk review
  • License sponsorship approval
  • BSA & AML policies
  • Regulatory setup, SAR & OFAC checks


  • System delivery
  • Establishment & activation of contracted services
  • Launch support

Operations Support

  • Maintenance and support according to SLAs

Mbanq’s Banking-as-a-Service Application

User Types

  • Consumer
  • Business


  • Deposit account
  • Savings account
  • FBO with sub accounts
  • Custodial accounts
  • Clearing accounts
  • One-time loans
  • Revolving credits
  • Open credits
  • Cash advance
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Other

User Base

  • Domestic (min 51%)
  • International


  • Card Issuance:
    – Debit card linked to deposit account
    – Credit card linked to revolving credit
  • Account/routing issuance
  • ACH – same day
  • ACH – standard
  • Wires – domestic
  • Wires – international
  • RPPS (Bill Pay)
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Acquiring – push/pull from cards
  • Other
launch your own bank

Creating a bank is the most powerful indicator of business status and a hugely profitable enterprise. It allows you to offer the most complete package of financial services to customers and to take ultimate control of your financial destiny at a previously unimaginable scale.

Mbanq Does it for You

1. Regulatory & compliance is the start and end point for all financial services. Mbanq ensures client platforms benefit from a bank license sponsor and peace of mind in operations, customer onboarding, AML, KYC and regulatory reporting.

2. Modern technology, card issuing, digital financial apps, daily operations and customer support means that Mbanq manages the entire creation and operational process.

We’ve built the Banking-as-a-Service super-engine
YOU DRIVE IT wherever you want!

Launching a BaaS-driven bank 
is easier and more profitable than offering a branded credit card.

Because Mbanq is there for you

Enjoy multiple advantages by creating a BaaS-driven banking platform:

Banking Profitability

Every time a fan buys anything through your branded account, debit or credit card you get access to a major source of new revenue – interchange fees. Shoes, flights, dining out: you get a piece of every pie.

Control of Travel and Expenses

The ultimate in travel and production cost management. Each staff member has their own card. Your financial controller sets the budget in real time – from airport sandwich to yacht.

Full Control of Payments and Disbursements

You customize systems and processes for your specific needs for greater flexibility and efficiency in managing transactions.

Branding and Loyalty

Your brand, your face in every wallet in every pocket. Loyalty points bring rewards to fans and direct spending towards what really matters.

Payment Services

Direct debits, money transfers, bill payments, checkout process, foreign exchange. You’re a full service bank, you have everything that you need and everything your fans need.


Fan apparel, concert tickets, cross-industry deals – integrated and personalized.

Customer Data and Analytics

Running a bank gives direct access to transaction data and financial analytics and provides actionable insights to benefit every customer. The possibilities are infinite.

Personalized Services
and Targeted Marketing

Leverage customer data to offer personalized services and targeted marketing. You align services and campaigns with customer needs and provide relevant product recommendations, and personalized financial solutions. This level of personalization is cutting-edge, builds loyalty and drives customer satisfaction.

Banking Profitability

Every time a fan buys anything through your branded account, debit or credit card you get access to a major source of new revenue – interchange fees. Shoes, flights, dining out: you get a piece of every pie.

Regulatory Control and Compliance

With Mbanq’s help you have direct control over compliance with financial regulations and industry standards. Together we establish internal policies and procedures to ensure full adherence to financial industry rules and regulations so you remain protected to the highest possible standards.

Enhanced Security

Mbanq and its partners implement rigorous security measures, both technology and policies & procedures, to monitor and protect customer financial data and every transaction.

Even more Profitability

Loans and financing, mortgages, installment payments, customized financial products, you access the entire potential of the global financial system.

Please feel free to contact our team for any information or queries you may have. We are happy to assist you and provide all the necessary details.